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Officially, positive culture is:

  • supporting people,
  • striving to meet people's needs,
  • working to understand one another regardless of communications means,
  • empowering choice making, and
  • helping people feel and be safe.

It's about making a shift in thinking away from power, control, and coercion in language and actions, toward affirmation, unconditional acceptance and encouragement.   For more information on Ohio's Positive Culture Initiative, click here.








The way we see it is this: 

  • building healthy quality relationships with PEOPLE,
  • recognizing the unique gifts each person bring to the relationships,
  • knowing one another well enough that mutual understanding becomes automatic,
  • providing choices throughout the day, and
  • establishing trust so that people feel safe while they are with us. 

And accomplishing these ideals depends completely on quality employees who are committed to helping others have a good life. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that our day program must nourish the mind, body, and spirit.  If we stimulate the mind, and keep the body strong without crushing someone's spirit through the process, we are accomplishing our goals.  We don't try to change people.  We try to draw out their unique personality and empower them to express it without reservation.  We try to make each person's experience at Tomorrow's Corner meaningful and fun.

Our job is to find what works best for each individual.  Too often people with disabilities are expected to act according to some pre-defined "norm."  At Tomorrow's Corner we believe everyone's "norm" is different and it can only be defined by each individual.  We also believe in potential and abilities, not labels and shortcomings.

"Courage is the power to let go of the familiar"  -Raymond Lindquist


Enjoy Your Day!

We believe in the power of hugs, smiles, kind words & fun. In 2008 Lisa and Greg Kazmirski opened our doors and welcomed adults living with disabilities. In 2017, Lisa and Greg closed their window, but Tomorrows Corners door is still open. Under new ownership of Belco Works Tomorrows Corner will continue the company's mission statement, which is,  "to help you enjoy your day." To learn more... 
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Tomorrow's Corner is certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disablities.

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