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Everyone who comes to Tomorrow's Corner receives services, at their personal level of need, in the categories of personal care, mobility, nutrition, and safety.  We see these things as "basic" services, and we consider them "automatic" for each person to receive.

Above and beyond the basics, we provide opportunities in the areas of art, music, learning, nature, exercise, relaxation, and sensory stimulation.  Our sensory rooms are based on the Snoezelen concept.  We teach, we do not train. 


We have fun, we don't pressure someone to perform.  We smile, we sing, we dance, we play.  And because we do these things, people maintain their skills, or they learn new skills. Some of the skills are transferrable skills that can be used in other settings, even work settings, but we don't say that, so it doesn't feel like "work" or "training."

We give back to our communities by helping others.  This picture is one example.  We made props for Thoburn United Methodist Church's 2014 VBS.  We enjoy "giving back."  Contact us for more information.

Enjoy Your Day!

We believe in the power of hugs, smiles, kind words & fun. In 2008 we opened our doors and welcomed adults living with disabilities. Our company's mission statement is, "to help you enjoy your day." To understand how we meet our mission...
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Tomorrow's Corner
66730 Pogue Road
St.Clairsville Ohio, 43950
Phone: 740-695-1110

Tomorrow's Corner is certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disablities.

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